Tips for Traveling to Colorado this Winter

Everyone dreams of riding with a breeze along a steep track. But before climbing the mountain and getting on skis, you should carefully prepare for the trip. You are probably lucky, and you are not one of those mattresses who listens all his life to stories of friends about a great time spent at a ski resort, dreams of skiing next year, finds a hundred reasons not to go a year later and regrets again, and dreams again. You are an adult, self-confident person who is not afraid to learn new things and decided (of course, not in vain) to try alpine skiing and get a lot of impressions. So, what does a beginner skier need to know and what are the colorado travel tips?

Before You Travel

Speaking of Colorado travel tricks, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Choose the right resort. On the one hand, you want to find a resort with easy trails, and this is understandable. On the other hand, just imagine: on the third day you are already confidently standing on your feet. You want to tickle your nerves a little and watch the mesmerizing jumps of brave skiers, but instead, grandparents are slowly rolling down the mountain with Schubert’s serenade in their headphones. The piste rule also works the other way around: don’t overestimate your strength and go to a resort with steep slopes, there is always a chance that the slopes will be so great that instead of inspiring lessons you will have to enjoy the company of young athletes.
  2. Find a mentor. Is it necessary to take an instructor to learn to ride? It’s like learning to drive a car: an instructor helps you learn the rules faster, but you’ll have to turn the steering wheel yourself. For most people, it is enough to have a more experienced skier in the company, who will not disappear as soon as he is on the slope, but will patiently show the basics of control.
  3. Limit yourself to the minimum set. Instead of a ski suit, a short down jacket and waterproof pants are suitable. You will need gloves and a mask (balaclava), a scarf will only interfere. Instead of thermal underwear, for the first time, an ordinary sweater and turtleneck will suffice, but not made of cotton. Cotton retains moisture and makes you feel chilly. Synthetic or nylon will do. The main thing is that the clothes consist of several layers that are comfortable to put on and just as convenient to take off if necessary.
If You Travel

Before going to a ski resort, it will be useful to bring the body into tone: go to the gym, make a habit of morning jogging, or at least go to yoga at the nearest fitness center. So the body will be easier to cope with stress and avoid sprains. Snowboarding or skiing is a high-risk activity.

Therefore, before the trip, it is better to take out a special ski insurance. Off-piste skiing is not included in some insurances, so if you intend to go freeriding, you should check this point in advance. Take a mini first aid kit with you, which will contain a band-aid, a remedy for the first signs of a cold, activated charcoal, an elastic bandage, and painkillers.

Transportation Considerations

When choosing a way to get for Colorado travel tricks from the airport to the ski resort, it is important to consider several features:

  1. Specialized shuttles equipped with a spacious luggage compartment and going directly to the hotel in the resort are not available in all complexes and most often go without cruising (that is, from the airport to the hotel), but by flight – making only a few trips a day.
  2. Urban transport, such as public buses or trains, is not designed to move skiers. Simply put, you most likely will have nowhere to place your skis or snowboards, and transport will take you not to the hotel, but to the station, from which you still have to walk to the ski complex, it is likely that several kilometers.
  3. If you plan to take a taxi on the spot, be sure to keep in mind that the cost of a trip over long distances the driver will include the price of a trip there and back, because it’s not a fact that he will find passengers at the ski base, but to go “empty” back, sometimes for 50 100 kilometers is not profitable for him. This means that when paying for a trip, you actually pay for a round-trip ticket.

A good option for all tourists is a pre-booked transfer, which can be ordered on the website or at the reception of your hotel. The transfer can be selected both for a family trip and for a large company. For skiers, they try to send cars with a spacious luggage compartment in order to easily place and secure all your sports equipment.

Other Travel Considerations

Here are some general winter trick for travel on how to prepare for your ski trip, especially if this is your first trip:

  1. Be sure to bring sunscreen. In the mountains, you can get sunburned faster than on the beach. The sensitive skin of the lips especially suffers from sunlight, so a balm or nourishing cream will not be superfluous.
  2. It is not necessary to take skis and snowboards with you – they can be rented. But you need to buy equipment suitable for this lesson. Clothing should not hinder movement, be warm and waterproof, but at the same time allow the skin to breathe.
  3. To prevent skiing from turning into suffering, be sure to take a set of thermal underwear, a ski mask, a warm hat and waterproof gloves. In addition to regular cotton socks, take a few pairs of special ski socks. The latter is not a waste of money. They consist of special inserts and ankle support zones.