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Denver Steamboat Car Service
Small SUV
up to 2 passengers

Mountain Star proudly presents an updated fleet of Tahoes and Yukons. All SUVs are 4x4 and equipped with snow tires through the winter. Each vehicle offers ample leg room, and can accommodate up to 2 passengers plus luggage and skis. We install the ski/cargo box on every vehicle, so we can transport your toys in style. The SUV option is perfect for a couple or single traveler to/from Steamboat.

Extended SUV
up to 5 adults or 6 with children

We offer six-passenger sport utility vehicles that delivers ample space without sacrificing style. Our Fully Loaded Cadillac Escalade ESV, GMC Yukon XL, and Suburbans seat up to 5 adults plus luggage or 6 passengers if you travel with children, perfect for escorting a family between Denver and Steamboat. All Extended SUVs are 4x4 and equipped with snow tires and ski/cargo boxes through the winter.

Transit Van
up to 9 passengers

Our Sprinter and Transit vans are still your best option for do not travel separately from your Friends and Family between Denver and Steamboat. All vans are equipped with snow tires and have extra cargo space for skis/snowboards. You'll appreciate its enormous doorway, 6'4" interior ceiling creating ease of access for larger groups up to 9 passengers. Amazing comfort and excellent performance.

Sprinter Van
up to 14 passengers

Our Sprinter and Transit vans are still your best option for do not travel separately from your Friends and Family between Denver and Steamboat. All vans are equipped with snow tires and have extra cargo space for skis/snowboards. You'll appreciate its enormous doorway, 6'4" interior ceiling creating ease of access for larger groups up to 14 passengers. Amazing comfort and excellent performance.

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  • Basic 15% driver's gratuity will be automatically added.
  • Rates may vary during the Holiday period.
  • Grocery and other stops on the way are available at $3/minute.
  • Child car seats are available upon request at no extra charge.

Denver to Steamboat Springs Car Service

If you're planning a ski vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the most economical way to get there is often to fly into Denver and make the three-plus hour drive up the mountain. But the drive can be difficult, particularly during the height of ski season and especially when Mother Nature serves up a winter storm. Unsuspecting tourists have found themselves stranded on the road or worse after encountering inclement weather on the drive.

Mountain Star Transportation provides a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to get from Denver to Steamboat Springs. Our screened and trained drivers will pick you up at the airport and take you to your final destination in sturdy vehicles built to handle the toughest winter weather. We allow you to skip the rental car or airport limo line and be on your way to your resort as soon as you land.

How Do I Get From Denver, CO to Steamboat Springs, CO?

The drive from the Denver airport to Steamboat Springs covers 180 miles and takes three hours and 15 minutes without traffic or weather issues. That said, traffic is ever-present in the Denver area, as are weather issues as you inch toward the higher elevations. You shouldn't expect the Steamboat Springs to Denver drive to be an easy jaunt.

If you plan to rent a car from DIA, expect that process to add an hour to multiple hours to your trip both ways. Because Denver is central to so many ski resorts and tourist hotspots, the car rental counters stay packed, with lines snaking through the concourse. A limo offers a slightly faster way to get on the road, but it can be pricey, and most limousines aren't built to handle bad weather.

Mountain Star Transportation offers the best combination of price, safety, and convenience. A professional driver will pick you up at a time and location of your choosing and shuttle you to Steamboat Springs in a sturdy, winterized vehicle that maximizes your safety and security. We have competitive prices that will save you money, and we make the process easy for you.

About Our Car Service

Mountain Star Transportation is a top-rated Steamboat Springs airport transportation company that serves visitors from all over the country. Whether you are headed to Steamboat on a business trip, a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, or a solo ski excursion, we take the stress out of getting from the airport to your resort. Just book a ride with us, tell us when and where to pick you up, and one of our professional drivers will be there. On your trip home, we not only get you back to the airport safely but also allow you to skip the tedious process of turning in your rental car.

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. That's why our drivers undergo extensive background checks and are put through a rigorous driver training program in addition to being screened for drug and alcohol use. Our vehicles come with a host of features designed to keep you safe during winter, including snow tires, traction control, and four-wheel drive.

Book a Private Car Service to Steamboat Springs Today

Mountain Star Transportation provides the safest and most reasonably priced option to get from DIA to Steamboat Springs. We have much lower prices than Uber, Lyft, or an airport limo, and our vehicles are much safer in winter weather. While most Uber and Lyft vehicles have front-wheel drive and standard tires, ours are equipped with four-wheel drive and tires designed to handle the elements. We also screen our drivers more thoroughly than our competitors or any ride-sharing service.

Join the thousands of travelers who have taken the stress out of the last leg of their trip by trusting Mountain Star Transportation to shuttle them from the airport to Steamboat Springs. Book a ride today! We look forward to meeting you.

Ground Transportation Services available to travel public from Denver to Steamboat Springs

Public Shuttle (Shared Rides)
There is a public shuttle from Denver Airport to Steamboat Springs departs 4 times a day, and here is the first disadvantage: you have to stick with the shuttle’s schedule, and sometimes you have to wait for 2-3 hours at the airport for the next shuttle. If your flight gets delayed and you are missing your last shuttle you will get stuck at the airport and will be searching for a last minute car service and losing money on your shuttle.
The second disadvantage of public shuttle is that you have to make several stops for picking up and dropping off other people on the way to your destination is Steamboat Springs. It will add time to your travel and you probably don’t want to do this on your vacation.
Private Car Service
If you have a family of 3 or larger or you travel with children, we recommend scheduling a private car service from Denver to Steamboat Springs. The rate will be pretty similar to public shuttle, but your group will be the only group it the vehicle and your drier will be waiting for you at the airport, so you can depart the airport as soon you have collected your luggage and ready to go.
If you choose a car service from Denver to Steamboat Springs, your ride will be much more comfortable in one of luxury SUV or Executive van.
Mountain Star Transportation has started providing private transportation and car service from Denver to Steamboat Springs since 2010 and quickly became a recognized name in ski transportation. Mountain Star is the easiest way to get from Denver to Steamboat Springs.
Our experienced drivers make Denver to Steamboat Springs run daily, so the know how to drive on snow and ice. We install snow tires every season, and adjusting brakes for mountain driving.


Pick-up time and how much time should I allow for picking my luggage at the Airport?
Flight arrival time is a pick-up time. When you scheduling pickup from Denver International Airport (DEN) make sure that you provide your flight information and put flight arrival time as a pick up time in your reservation. If your group arrives on deferent flight make sure you provide all flight numbers to avoid delays and extra charges for waiting time. You will have 45 min (1 hour for international flights) grace period to collect your luggage and get ready to meet your driver.
Where do I meet my driver at Denver International Airport (DEN)?
After you have gathered all your bags, call or text the driver, and proceed to the exit. If you are on the East Side of the terminal, exit through doors 507 or 511. If you are on the West Side of the terminal, exit through doors 506 or 510. Driver will meet you on the 2nd island. Full Meet and Greed Instructions.
Can we make a grocery stop on the way to Steamboat Springs and how much is it?
Yes, you can. Let us know at the moment of reservation if you planning to make the stop, so we can allow some extra time. The rate for waiting time is $180 per hour and will be prorated at $3 per minute.
Do you provide return car service from Steamboat to Denver or Denver Airport (DEN)?
Yes, we do. Return service is available at the same rate.
What is the best time to leave Steamboat Springs to be on time for my return flight?
Weekdays - Leave Steamboat 5.5 hours prior domestic and 7 hours prior international flights
Weekends and Holidays - Leave Steamboat 7 hours prior domestic and 8.5 hours prior international flights
If you planning on being in rout to Denver on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, be aware of single day skier's traffic (Saturday and Sunday 2pm-7pm or a last day of long weekends)
What is cancelation policy for a car service to/from Steamboat?
48-hour free cancelation. Cancellations received within less than 48 hours of the scheduled transfer time are subject to 50% cancellation fee; Reservations are non-refundable in the event of no-show or cancelling at the time of the pick-up.