Terms: By booking transportation services with Mountain Star Transportation LLC (referred to as MST hereafter), you recognize and accept the following terms, conditions, and policies. You further authorize MST to facilitate payment by charging your credit card for all services rendered according to your reservation. This includes but is not limited to charging you for the full cost of the reservation should you fail to show up as scheduled, require stops on the way to your destination, or for vehicle damage or cleaning. Whether or not you enter the vehicle, service is deemed rendered upon expiry of the cancellation period. MST also reserves the right to serve clients using select affiliates with or without prior notice.

Airport Pick Up: A 45-minute grace period is given for all domestic arrivals and one hour for any international arrivals involving customs clearance. The grace period begins upon arrival at the gate. Upon expiry of this grace period, hourly vehicle pricing will go into effect at a rate of $180 per hour or a prorated rate of $3 per minute. You must contact MST by phone or meet your driver to avoid having the full reservation charged to your credit card.

Airport Arrival Time Update: Assuming correct flight information is given, MST dispatchers and drivers track each flight provided by passengers during the reservation process. If members of your group are arriving on different flights, you are responsible for providing each of the flight numbers. Not doing so will result in a $3 per minute waiting charge for any delayed flights not disclosed to the dispatcher/driver.

House, Hotel, or Restaurant Pick Up: All pickups, excluding airport arrivals, have a 10-minute grace period from the pickup time selected when booking the reservation. Upon expiry of the grace period, hourly vehicle pricing will go into effect at a rate of $180 per hour or a prorated rate of $3 per minute.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within less than 48 hours of the prearranged transfer time will incur a 50 percent cancellation fee. All reservations are non-refundable should you not show up or cancel transportation services at the time of pickup.

In-transit stops: MST strives to accommodate all requests for in-transit stops. However, hourly vehicle pricing will go into effect at a rate of $180 per hour or a prorated rate of $3 per minute. Due to scheduling, all stops must also be disclosed and requested during reservation booking to ensure availability. Any stops not on the route to a chosen destination must gain approval from the dispatcher and are subject to an extra charge.

Surcharges: All parking and airport fees, luggage carts, road tools, fuel surcharges, and other out-of-pocket charges are billed to the client. Early morning fee also applies to transfers made during the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. A surcharge also applies to transfers taking place on Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and other legal holidays. These added charges are typically included in the rate quote you receive from MST.

Vehicle Damage or Cleaning: The party booking and paying for the reservation is solely responsible for any damages or added cleaning charges incurred as a result of transport. This includes but is not limited to upholstery tears and door dings, which will incur a fee of $500 or the cost of repair/replacement, whichever is greater. The amount billed will include the repair/replacement fee plus any time the vehicle spent out of service. Cases of vomiting will result in a $350 cleaning fee per incident.

Additional Travel Time Due to Road, Traffic, or Weather Conditions: If transfer to a destination takes considerably longer than usual due to road conditions or closures, weather delays, traffic, an accident, or other similar occurrences, the client will be charged at a rate of $3 per minute. If any of the above results in the client changing his or her drop-off location to a nearby hotel, the driver will do their best to accommodate the request, but upon drop-off, the transfer will be considered completed.

Transfer time limits:

  • • Four-hour time limit for transfers to/from the Denver Metro area to/from Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Edwards, Cordillera, Winter Park, and the surrounding areas.

  • • Six-hour time limit for transfers to/from the Denver Metro area to/from Aspen, Snowmass, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, and the surrounding areas.

  • • Eight-hour time limit for transfers to/from the Denver Metro area to/from Gunnison, Crested Butte, and the surrounding areas.

Lost or Damaged Items: We (MST) are not responsible for any items lost items, damaged items, or items left in the transport vehicle. While we will do our best to return any found items, we reserve the right to assess a postage or delivery charge for the time and costs associated with doing so.

Termination of Reservation: MST may terminate any reservation without issuing a refund if at any time the driver or dispatcher feels the renter or rental party is putting the vehicle or the driver at risk of damage or injury. We may also terminate any reservation and issue a full refund due to road closures or conditions, traffic, or inclement weather. MST is not liable for any mechanical breakdowns during the course of a transfer charter, and the company will assume responsibility for making up for the cancellation at an agreed upon future date.

Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed in any of our transport vehicles.

NO ALCOHOL is allowed in any transport vehicle carrying ANY passengers under 21 years old with or without parental consent. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Uncontrollable Circumstances: MST is not liable for any acts of nature, God, or circumstances beyond our control. This includes but is not limited to flight delays, weather delays, accidents, road closures, traffic congestions, and so on.