The Top 5 Reasons People Choose to Visit Vail

Not unreasonably, it is believed that ski holidays in the USA are much more comfortable than in Europe. Therefore, wealthy tourists are increasingly choosing American slopes. The highest concentration of ski resorts in the state of Colorado, there are about 70 centers on its territory. Vail, located in the state of Colorado, 193 km from Denver, is recognized by many secular magazines as the No. 1 resort on the North American continent. And he rightly deserved this title. There are 34 lifts in Vail, but even this fact does not save you from queues. There are 193 trails, half of which are for professionals and experts, there are cross-country skiing trails with a length of 66 km. The longest descent – Riva has a length of 6400 m. You can get from Vail to Denver transfer by private car or group shuttle.

Traveling to Vail

The ski resorts of the so-called “Big Vail” – Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail – are located very close to each other and have some of the best skiing conditions in the world. It is here that the highest ski point in the world (3,963 m), the most difficult and extreme slopes, and the driest snow are located. Skiers have 4,451 hectares of snowy slopes that can be accessed with just one Colorado Lift pass. There are hotels for every taste and budget, ski schools, diverse nightlife, convenient transport links, a large pedestrian zone, shops, and most importantly snow, which falls here already in October, although the ski season officially opens only from the end of November.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Vail Ski Resort offers pistes the width of a football field and is simply in perfect condition. And, of course, those who have purchased a ski tour to the Vail resort need to know that it has its own characteristics. If, having arrived at a European resort, you immediately plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday, then the American mountains set you up in a businesslike way. Ride, ride, ride – that’s the general mood that reigns in the resort! On the open terraces of mountain restaurants, you will almost never meet citizens who are relaxed sunbathing.

White River National Forest

This high mountain pass sits at 12,095 feet on the Continental Divide in the Soatch Range, about halfway between the cities of Aspen and the Twin Lakes. You’ll find several high-altitude trails starting just below the top of the pass off Highway 82, including the Lost Main Trail. If you have a limited amount of time, or just want a taste of high-altitude hiking and something a little too strenuous, take the Linkins Lake trail, a short but steep hike. This moderate-traffic 1.7-mile trail and back will give you a heart-pounding ride without causing undue trouble, but the scenery is spectacular. The Lost Man trail is significantly longer, with a total of nine miles, but has a softer pitch and is great for those looking for something a little more substantial. It has some of the easiest access to an alpine wonderland of meadows and lakes anywhere in the area.

The Amenities and Town Infrastructure

What to see in Vail? Vail cannot boast of an abundance of attractions, since it was founded only in the 1960s. It’s easy to diversify your winter vacation at this resort with a visit to the Colorado Ski Museum. In it you can learn not only about the history of skiing in this part of America, but also get acquainted with the Vail Hall of Fame, which contains outstanding records and achievements of the resort.

Many tourists like to take selfies next to the Ski Trooper statue. This monument was erected in honor of the fighters of the 10th US Mountain Division, who fought in Europe during the Second World War. It was the former soldier of this unit who founded the ski resort of Vail.

Final Thoughts About Living in Vail

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, answering a question what to do in Vail, this city can offer tourists several more winter leisure options during their holidays. Skating, bobsleigh, tubing (driving on special inflatable sledges), ski biking (a cross between skiing and cycling) are considered popular entertainment. If you wish, you can ride a horse-drawn sleigh or walk through the snow-covered valleys in snowshoes.