5 Terrific Fall Hikes in Vail

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Lost Lake Trail

One of the most sought after and unique trails around Denver is the Lost Lake Trail. The peculiarity of this area is that it is quite difficult to get to it, but it is very beautiful with its unique views, located in an excellent geographical location, but it is quite difficult to get to it and not every company can provide transportation to this area. This could be a unique option for Vail summer attractions. The company provides a unique opportunity to travel along the Lost Lake Trail, providing a variety of travel options, moving, luggage removal. It’s easy and convenient to wrestle in such unique nature corner using this organization.


Another unique route is the Berrypicker, which is one of the most unique places in the Colorado area. Traveling in such area puts forward special requirements for its equipment support. In such trips, only high-class and high-quality cars are used – Yukon XL, Escalades ESV, Sprinter and Transit vans and . It’s ability to carry passengers from 1 to 14 people. Thanks to the good technical characteristics of the transport, it is possible to quickly and easily get to the Berrypicker trail, visit unique places and enjoy the journey with loved ones. Thanks to high-quality technical support, passengers can travel to these beautiful places.

North Vail Trail

Traveling the North Vail Trail is one of the best and most unique what to do in Vail this summer. The company is able to productively organize the delivery of travelers to this place, give them the opportunity to walk along the beautiful mountain trails, and have an interesting time. In order to travel in this area, it is easy to negotiate with the company’s employees. For example, you can agree on exactly where the driver will pick you up, what kind of transport you need, which route you will move to your destination. The company can provide additional services – replenishment of supplies on the way for a trip, organization of a route for walking.

Booth Creek Falls

In the vicinity of Vail, Booth Creek Falls is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically unique and picturesque place. Traveling to this waterfall can cause you unique emotions, expand your horizons. It is important that not all companies can arrange transportation to this area. Mountain Star Transportation, thanks to its wide range of experience and good vehicle performance at Denver to Vail transfer, can deliver passengers to any location near Booth Creek Falls. Using the latest and most up-to-date geolocation systems, drivers can both deliver travelers to the natural environment and pick them up.

Village to village

In mountainous areas it is very important to have an reliable moving partner. For example, if you need to move between different localities, or to remove valuable luggage. In mountainous areas, not every company will cope with such task. Mountain Star Transportation, operating in the Denver region, is well aware of all the features of moving over this environment, provides quality journeys, and is able deliver any cargo.

It is important to have the opportunity to remotely negotiate with representatives of the company and organize a trip. The drivers are well versed in the terrain of this region and will find every necessary place for travelers, reach the smallest settlements without any problems and provide a good trip. In general, the company occupies a key position in the region, since it has been working there for many years and provides transportation.