How to Plan a Colorado Winter Vacation for Non Skiers

Car, train, or bus – there are many options to get to the ski resort. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. If most skiers come by car, then the train option is very beneficial to avoid traffic jams and better protect the environment. Buses allow you to arrive at a lower price, even if booked in advance, the train is not cheaper. On the other hand, some night buses allow you to arrive directly at the station in the morning. Very practical to not waste time skiing! By car, in addition to fuel and tolls, note that you will have to invest in special equipment (chains or winter tires) that are now mandatory in Colorado.

Transportation in the Winter

Most skiers and just tourists come by car. Several highways serve the massif, and the roads are often cleared from snow to height. Please note, however, that special equipment (chains or winter tires) is mandatory and you may need to use them if it snows.

If you don’t have a car or prefer to leave it in the garage, the train and shuttle network is very developed. Thus, most ski resorts are connected by public transport. Finally, if you want to come by bus, some lines serve the popular ski resorts of the state of Colorado.

Some foreign tourists fly to Denver International Airport and then use a bus or taxi to get to their destination. Finally, if car sharing is your thing, you can find your route, sometimes direct, from your origin city to your ski resort.

Colorado Winter Activities that Aren’t Skiing or Snowboarding

One of the popular questions for tourists is, what are the activities for non-skiers in Colorado?

  1. Snowmobiling is an affordable and interesting winter activity. It is a ski-tracked vehicle, which is not distinguished by its large dimensions and has a control mechanism very similar to motorcycle vehicles.
  2. Snow tubing. The slides and slopes of winter complexes were filled with tubing enthusiasts. The convenience of tubing is that after riding, you can bleed the air out of it and remove it, and, if necessary, inflate it again.
  3. This fun game is similar to hockey, but it doesn’t necessarily require an ice rink, any level ground will do. Well, instead of clubs and pucks, brooms and any ball or ball are used. Broomball is great winter entertainment for a fun family holiday with children.
  4. Walking in the park or the forest on snowshoes is becoming a popular form of winter entertainment. Unlike skiing, such walks put a load on all the muscles of the legs, and require less preparation, and even those who have never skied can quickly master them. Such walking is very beneficial for the legs and joints. Unlike running, there is no jolting, which is bad for the cartilage and spine.
Best Winter Events for Non-Skiers

Not sure what to do non-skiers in the ski resorts? The answer is obvious, depending on the ski resort you choose and the additional services that:

  1. If snowboarding or skiing isn’t for you, don’t despair, there are plenty of other winter activities to try. For example, mountaintop walks and Nordic walking. And those who are more daring can climb steeper slopes or go rock climbing;
  2. All ski resorts are famous for their nightlife, and you don’t have to spend the whole day on the slopes to experience this breathtaking atmosphere.
  3. Snowboarding and music have always been inextricably linked. Many ski resorts host music festivals during peak season, featuring top international bands and DJs, along with incredible stunts and performances from ski and snowboard teams;
  4. Everything you need to find inspiration for novice photographers is right here: from dizzying landscapes to incredible shots. The absence of skis will only be an advantage since without them it is easier to stop and observe life in the mountains, whether it be mountain wildlife or people living in the region;
  5. In the spa, you can rejuvenate, get rid of tension and fatigue, and completely reboot.
Best Colorado Ski Resorts for Non-Skiers

Ski resorts in the state vary widely, ranging from top world-class resorts and seemingly endless landscapes to one-of-a-kind family resorts that provide skiers and mountain-goers alike with some of the best travel opportunities in the country. What to do non-skiers in Colorado? Finding the right resort usually comes down to personal taste, vacation preference, skill level, budget, location convenience, and even what time of year you want to start your holiday.

Many of the major resorts that offer non-skiing and snowboarding services are within two hours of Denver, including:

  1. Breckenridge;
  2. Keystone;
  3. the Arapahoe Basin;
  4. Copper;
  5. Vail;
  6. Beaver Creek.

Aspen and Steamboat are a little further away but still within Denver. In the more remote southwestern part of Colorado are Purgatory and Telluride, as well as several other small resorts. Unlike some ski resorts in Utah, all resorts in Colorado are open to both skiers and those who just want to enjoy the mountain, frosty air without active recreation.