Colorado Ski Resorts Opening Dates for 2022/2023

As ski season approaches, Colorado locals are getting ready to tour their favorite snow seasons while skiing! But as the holidays approach, we all try to keep our budgets in mind. Not to mention, tourists tend to flock to the more popular ski destinations in Colorado. Well, this selection of Colorado ski resorts are inexpensive and generally uncrowded, so you don’t have to be shy about hitting the slopes! Let’s figure it out, when opening Colorado ski resorts.

Aspen is one of the most popular resorts in Colorado

Aspen owes its popularity not only to the tracks, but also to its convenient location: 354 km (4 hours’ drive) from Denver International Airport and 113 km from Eagle Airport. There is also a small airport near Aspen that receives flights from Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Memphis and Phoenix, and the Glenwood Springs railway station is 64 km from the resort.

Aspen Mountain has 76 pistes on its territory with a length of 103 km, most of them are slopes for experienced skiers and snowboarders, 8 lifts and the world’s only fun park for skiers only. Mount Ajax rises above Aspen. A day pass in Aspen during the “low” season (11/24 to 12/15 and 01/01 to 02/09) will cost you approximately $75 per adult, $65 for a teenager 13-17, $50 for a child 7-12 years. Children under 6 years old accompanied by adults go to the ski lifts for free. The more days you take, the cheaper a day of skiing costs.

In the “high” season (from 16.12 to 31.12) one day of skiing for an adult cost about $150, for a teenager – $100, for a child – $60.

Snowmass – a resort for children

There are a lot of children in Snowmass and a lot of snow. And, indeed, 762 centimeters of snow falls in this place per season, hence the name. The distance from Aspen to Snowmass is like two towns in one – only 5 miles, and there are always free buses between them. Snowmass is considered the most popular ski resort for the whole family, and it’s true, I have not seen so many children from 3 to 12 years old in any resort.

Ideal conditions have been created for them: wide – sometimes up to 70 meters wide, sloping, long slopes, the longest of which is 8 and a half kilometers. Skiing and snowboarding lessons, 3 terrain parks – new Snowmass Terrain Park, Makaha and Scooper, as well as 1 superpipe and 1 beginner pipe plus 24 lifts. Some of which open at 8 am and close as usual – at 3:30 pm. From the foot of Fanny Hill to Sam’s Knob – a 6-seat elevator lifts in 9.5 minutes, the new Sky Cab gondola (also 6 seats) reaches the new base in 2 minutes. Most ski slopes at Snowmass in Colorado ski resorts opening dates November 30th and December 5th.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek is a luxury winter resort capable of impressing the most sophisticated skier. The comfort of guests here is thought out to the smallest detail. All paths in the city are heated, and the streets located at different levels are connected by escalators. Alpine skiing World Cup competitions are regularly held.

Spread across 735 hectares, 149 magnificent runs are located at an altitude of 2255-3488 m. The conditions of Beaver Creek are suitable for athletes of any skill level. 34 percent of the slopes are in blue, 39 percent in red, and 27 percent in black. For professional skiers and free riders, Beaver Creek has The Talons Challenge. It features some of the toughest runs in North America, including Birds of Prey Descent, the hardest run in the world.

On the slopes of the mountains there is a complex of snow parks. Park 101 is designed for beginners, Zoom Room is for advanced snowboarders, Moonshine is for professionals. One of the bonuses of this ski resort is a long skiing season. The main ski resort welcomes guests from November to March. The resort in colorado winter resort opening in the 2022 has already officially announced the start date of the ski season – November 13th.