5 Ways To Satisfy Your Wanderlust In Colorado

With endless mountain scenery and sunny weather, Colorado is the perfect place to unwind and escape for a few days. Colorado boasts many exciting cities worth exploring. From luxury ski resorts to charming small towns and the world-famous Rocky Mountains, travelers are spoiled for choice in outdoor adventures. With cities filled with diverse wildlife and natural wonders, here are some of the best weekend getaways in Colorado.

Visit Breckenridge

Breckenridge is the perfect combination of scenic Main Street with 2,358 acres of incredible skiing opportunities. It is the oldest and largest city in the famous Summit County in Colorado. Take a tour of the 12-block city center and stroll through its quaint Main Street shops before putting on your boots and heading to the famous Breckenridge Ski Resort. In the summer, you can take the ski lift to find many hiking trails, and cycling and golf are also popular activities. Denver to Breckenridge transfer is the best way to get to this ski resort.

Wilderness is one of the extravagant places to stay

What to do in Colorado? Of course, visit the most famous plateau, the Grand Canyon, or Grand Grand Canyon, with a length of 446 kilometers. The average height above sea level in the Grand Canyon reaches 1850 meters. There is a national park of the same name (Grand Canyon National Park), reservations of the Navajo Indians, Hualapai, and Havasupai, and many tourist complexes.

Also noteworthy is one of the most protected and interesting national parks, Petrified Forest, or as it is also called Petrified Forest. This is a phenomenal and extraordinary repository of large deposits of petrified trees. These fossils, like huge boulders, have been lying right under the open sky for thousands of years. The spectacle is simply amazing. In addition, part of the Petrified Forest covers a popular place among tourists called the “Colored Desert” – the land of native Indians and the official Navajo reservation.

Visit Colorado’s Historical City

We bring to your attention the top 3 cities, where to go in Colorado:

1. Silverton. Once here, you will discover the city, with its remote sense of wilderness and soaring mountains. The Kendall Ski Resort and Leisure Center and summer recreational activities make it a popular holiday destination all year round. There are several places you can visit – the Old County Jail, the Old Gold Mine, the San Juan County Historical Society, and the Mayflower Gold Mill.

2. Cripple Creek. Entering this mountain town on the western side of Pikes Peak is like stepping back in time. Billed as “The Greatest Gold Camp in the World,” old mine shafts, frames, and cabins not only dot the hills that surround it but there are numerous reports of spirits allegedly being tested everywhere from the graveyard to the U-turn.

3. Victor. Victor is only five miles from Cripple Creek but offers a completely different experience to the exclusion of all the casinos and tourists. Today, this historic town has only a few hundred inhabitants, but it makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time with its many period buildings, most of them from the late 19th century.