What to do in Vail

It turns out that winter in the mountains is also a lot of interesting things. Denver to Vail transfer – this direction will show you the unusual Carpathians. To begin with, you will conquer the mountains. You will spend the night in a rather original place – in separate houses or a hotel.

For a change, one of the days of rest you will spend on skis. Here are some of the most interesting and easy slopes in Vail. Experienced instructors will put everyone on skis. You will bring a lot of pleasant memories from the trip. Being outdoors is always good for health. Fresh air lets your endorphins release, it’s hard not to be happy during your outdoor adventures.

Why spend time outdoors?

As a rule, ski slopes are located outside the city. There is fresh air and beautiful nature. Mountain air has another important feature for human health. It was first identified by Louis Pasteur. He conducted a study on the presence of microorganisms in the mountain air. So, it turned out that 1 m3 of mountain air contains only 4–5 microorganisms.

There are many stresses and unforeseen difficulties in our life. And sometimes we can’t handle them on our own. And here the faithful assistants are skis. They belong to extreme sports, and contribute to the production of endorphins, which makes us feel happier in the end:

  1. Relax. You will need to visit the famous spas and thermal springs. These moments will stay with you for a lifetime. And your body will thank you.
  2. Raises the level of energy. Regular physical activity and active sports help us become healthier. They relieve constant fatigue, making the body hardy, and a person energetic.

Skiing and hiking

Upon arrival, one of the main questions that tourists have is things to do in Vail. Cross-country skiing in winter is a fascinating and challenging type of outdoor activity that allows you to see beautiful mountain landscapes, snow-white fluffy carpets on mighty slopes, and picturesque majestic forests. Currently, the Vail resorts offer you a lot of different ski tours.

Beginners will be able to learn how to ski in comfortable and safe conditions, enjoying something more than fragments of mountains from the upper lift stations. Rest here allows you to take part in such tours. Vacationers are waiting for exciting ski trips, which alternate with pleasant and uncomplicated walks to the peaks and valleys. Ski trips for beginners include many winter activities and sightseeing trips. Benefits of comfortable ski trips:

  1. Accommodation in coziness, warmth, and comfort.
  2. Sightseeing tours and getting to know the local culture.
  3. Enjoyment of winter mountain landscapes.
  4. Exciting journey, physical activity.
  5. A lot of bright new impressions while climbing the peaks.

What to do in Vail?

Where to go if you want to eat after outdoor activities? Top restaurants according to the Vail Marketing Department:

  1. Sweet Basil in Vail Village. The restaurant opened in 1977 with 47 seats at the time. Since then, both the size of the restaurant and its reputation has grown. Excellent wine list.
  2. Larkspur at the foot of Golden Peak. Local cuisine with rustic French elements.
  3. Game Creek on Vale Mountain. The restaurant is located on the mountain, in the picturesque Game Creek Bowl. You need to climb the Eagle Bahn Gondola to Eagle’s Nest, from where the snowmobile will take you to a cozy European-style chalet. Excellent wine list.
  4. Wildflower at the Lodge. Excellent cuisine and an equally excellent wine list.
  5. The Bully Ranch at the Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail Village. Local cuisine, and a large selection of wines and beers.
  6. Swiss Chalet at the Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail Village. Raclette and fondue.
  7. La Tour. French cuisine.