Vail vs Aspen: Cities Comparison

Colorado is the most unforgettable nature area for recreation at any time of the year. Unforgettable mountain ranges and plains, a unique cultural atmosphere – these are just the little things from all the possible offers. When choosing the perfect vacation spot, you may be wondering: where is the best place? And in this case, you will often have to solve the Vail vs Aspen contradiction. Let’s take a look at the highlights of two excellent holiday variants.

Aspen vs Vail: The Recreation Area Overall feel

Journey to Vail or Aspen will bring you variable experiences due to different historical or cultural backgrounds. Aspen is an older city built in the 1860s. It is unique in its nature and historical roots, reflecting the unique atmosphere of the “gold rush”. So it is special because of its historical conpositions, architectural monuments, which are well combined with modern shopping centers and cafes. Vail is a younger settlement with a more low-key vibe that allows the vacationer to focus on skiing.

Aspen vs Vail: The Cost & Food

It is worth noting that the level of quality of service in the two cities is high and will cost you dearly in both options. You can visit the greatest Aspen hotels, where you will spend your holiday in one of the most comfortable and fashionable rooms. The same living conditions are in Vail, where you will need to pay a lot for accommodation, but get comfort.

You can’t go wrong when deciding on the food features in two geographical points, as both Aspen or Vail present a lot of decent and interesting establishments with excellent cuisine. Each of the cities offers a diverse dishes like modern fast food or exquisite oriental culinary innovations.

Aspen vs Vail: Accomodations & The Slopes

You’d pay attention to the quality of accommodation in different cities, which is always of excellent quality, although not cheap. For example, in Aspen, you can stay at the well-known The Little Nell hotel, which always present well-appointed rooms and modern-style condominiums.

The main reason people visit these cities is skiing on the slopes. When deciding is Aspen or Vail better, the main question is to decide in which of the settlements skiing is better. Vail presents only one beautiful downhill mountain, while there are four various slopes in Aspen. Trip to the mountain ranges is quite easy using shuttles or private transportation. Logistics of trips there is perfectly tuned. In Vail, although there is only one mountain, it is much larger than the four peaks of Aspen put together. Aspen provides a variety of slopes and descent options for different peaks, while Vail provides variety on one peak.

Aspen vs Vail: Nightlife after skiing & Things to do

Interesting and varied differences in nightlife in Vail vs Aspen summer. Of course, skiing loses its relevance in summer, but other recreational options are of particular importance. In Aspen, after exciting walks, you can perfectly relax by drinking cocktails or visiting the dance floor of various establishments. In Vail, the establishments are more individually oriented, aimed at a relaxed atmosphere of relaxation and visits to event hotels.

Naturally, since these are ski resorts, the main way of spending time associated with these geographical points is skiing. However, each of the cities presents ample opportunities – from walks in the mountains, to skating or snowboarding lessons, hot air ballooning. Both Aspen and Vail present different and unique atmosphere, the specifics of the holiday, which will appeal to every traveler. It’s definitely worth a try.