Ski resorts near Denver

Colorado is the most popular ski resort in the USA. Not unreasonably, it is believed that ski holidays in the USA are much more comfortable than in Europe. Therefore, wealthy tourists are increasingly choosing American slopes. The highest concentration of ski resorts in the state of Colorado, there are about 70 centers on its territory.

The huge ski area, thousands of different slopes of varying difficulty for skiers and snowboarders, hundreds of hotels and hotels, villas and “chalets”, condos for the whole family and a large student group, as well as accommodation in high-class hotels for sophisticated tourists leave an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Hundreds of restaurants, cafes, bars and discos, art galleries, art salons, and museums.

Extreme sports enthusiasts – ski and snowboarding

Often, a dispute arises between novice athletes and lovers of extreme sports: what is interesting – ski or snowboarding? The choice between snowboarding and skiing largely depends on physical fitness. Boarding will require more skill, endurance, and physically strong legs. If you know how to control your body perfectly, then conquering the snowy slopes is for you. If your hands are more developed, then it is better to practice skiing.

This type of movement requires hard work of the hands and body, which coordinate your trip. Alpine skiing differs from boarding in that with the help of your hands you can completely control the process and direction of the ride. But still, the main advice when choosing this or that type of outdoor activity will be to listen to yourself. What you like best will become your favorite pastime. It will be easy for you to learn what you like.

Popular ski resorts in Colorado

There’re many ski resorts near Denver:

1. Breckenridge. You may be amazed by the legendary Colorado slopes, but you will also enjoy the Country Boy tour or dog sleigh rides.

2. Keystone. Newly expanded landscaped parks make this ski resort especially attractive for all snowboarders from beginners to the most experienced. Its 116 runs on 3,000 acres are also great fun for skiers of all skill levels.

3. Steamboat Springs. This Colorado ski resort town has grown to 69 Winter Olympians, more than any other city in North America. Perhaps some of it has its 2,965 acres of ski terrain.

4. Silverton. There is nothing for beginners to do in this Colorado ski resort. This is the highest ski area in the USA. All skiers must have avalanche beacons. The “easy” slope has a slope of 35 degrees, while a slope of 30 degrees is considered the steepest.

5. Telluride. It has the longest run, Galloping Goose, at 4.6 miles, but don’t let that put you off – 23% of the 125 runs are entry-level.

Trip from Denver with Mountain Stars Transportation

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